Grooming Policies and Procedures

We strive to have the highest standards for safety and cleanliness. To ensure that all pets are our number one priority we have policies and procedures in place to help us achieve them together.


• If at any time you no-call no-show to an appointment then your next appointment will require a cancellation fee (50% of the price of the service you booked last time) up front your next scheduled grooming.

• When working with sharp tools there is always the possibility of an accident. Cuts, nicks, burns are all things that can happen during a grooming session. Any injuries caused by the condition of the dog (i.e. matting, behaviour) are not the responsibility of for good dogs only and any vet charges incurred will be at the expense of the dog owner. Documentation will always be added to client file.

• If your pet comes in matted then taking those mats out will take longer because we have to go slow and not irritate the pet. If the mats are too close to the skin, shaving is best but we will always try to save the hair when possible.

• Not all dogs can have that cute picture you found on the internet. Depending on coat type, condition, pet willingness for grooming are all factors when figuring out what style will work. Speaking with our groomer will help you achieve the style you want with the coat your dog has. Magic can happen;)

• When you come to pick up your dog, please do an overall check of your dog and let us know if you want anything trimmed down more or something doesn't look right. Once you leave our salon we will not take the responsibility to fix them.

• Things to keep in mind, refund is unacceptable for any reason.

⚠️We reserve the right to refuse grooming on aggressive or unsafe dogs.